An extraordinary spirit that smells of freshly sliced ginger with the subtle taste of natural ginger root. The initial refreshing ginger flavor gives way to a slightly earthy, spicy finish.

Ginger Vodka

$ 27.70 USD
For years customers were asking us to distill a high-proof version of our vodka. We were happy to oblige with our 161 Proof, 100% Gluten-Free, Grain Vodka. It is perfect for fruit and herb infusions, CBD extractions, tinctures, sanitizer, and super high Octane cocktails.

Overproof Vodka

$ 53.14 USD
Our Vanilla Flavored Vodka is made using Organic Madagascar Vanilla beans. Madagascar Vanilla Beans are the gold standard for Vanilla. They are hand harvested at a cost second only to Saffron. There are upwards of 200 different flavor compounds found in these beans. They supply rich, sweet, creamy flavor highlights and a spicy aroma along with a slight hue of color.

Vanilla Vodka

$ 35.00 USD
The award-winning Green Mountain Organic “Sunshine” vodka is made from 100% organic grains and PURE™ Vermont spring water. The made-by-hand process delivers the smoothest vodka available. This is the perfect representation of the distiller’s art. Whether straight or in a cocktail, one taste and you will know the difference organic makes.

Sunshine Vodka

$ 25.58 USD
Green Mountain Organic Lemon Vodka owes its sensational all-natural lemon flavors to the essential oils drawn from a blend of lemon varieties. The blend brings a fresh lemon aroma with a tangy, zesty lemon flavor. Green Mountain Organic Lemon Vodka makes the most superb cosmopolitan, or simply with plenty of ice.

Lemon Vodka

$ 25.58 USD
This awesome Cranberry Vodka has the natural taste of freshly harvested cranberries. The flavor blends perfectly with our Organic Vodka to create a flavored vodka that is ideal for cocktails and Martinis.

Cranberry Vodka

$ 27.70 USD
Using our tradition of innovation and organic integrity Green Mountain Distillers is pleased to release Green Mountain Organic Blueberry Vodka. With a delightful aroma and fresh taste Green Mountain, Organic Blueberry Vodka will dazzle the most discerning customer or party guest. Bursting with an incomparable, natural blueberry flavor, this vodka is sure to be an instant hit.

Blueberry Vodka

$ 27.70 USD
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Orange Vodka

$ 25.58 USD